Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Looking for a cool place to hold your child’s birthday party? Metro Ice Sports offers a number of packages to suit your needs.

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Terms and Conditions:

The applicant, on behalf and for the benefit of the participants, hereby applies to Metro Ice Sports Facility, for participation in its programs. The applicant understands and hereby acknowledges that there is the risk of serious and permanent bodily injury to the Participant(s) as a result of participation in any sporting and athletic contest, including skating. By clicking 'I Agree' when submitting this form, the Applicant and the Participant(s) agree to assume the risk of serious and permanent bodily injury as a result of participation in this program. The Applicant and Participant further agree to obey and abide by all rules and regulations of Metro Ice and forfeiture of all fees. No refunds will be issued for withdrawal from any program at any time for any reason.

Release from Liability:

In Consideration for the privilege of participation in Metro Ice programs, the Applicant for himself/herself, and for the participant(s), hereby expressly acknowledges the risk of serious injury from participation in this program, and RELEASES AND HOLDS HARMLESS Metro Ice Sports Facility, DM Rink Partners LLC, its Owners, Board of Directors, Officers, Employees, Coaches, Sponsors, Committee Chairpersons, from any and all claims, of any type whatsoever, for bodily injuries sustained by the Participant(s), or the Applicant, arising out of, or from any Metro Ice practice, drill, game or other activities.

By clicking 'I Agree' (the checkbox below) and submitting this form, I am expressly stating that I HAVE READ THIS FORM COMPLETELY (or have had it read to me) and I fully understand and accept the terms, conditions, and risks associated with participating in this ice skating program.


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